Cervical Traction Devices

Cervical traction works by stretching the vertebrae, membranes, ligaments and connective tissue components of the cervical spine.
These structures are also innervated with sensory nerves. When these ligaments are stretched strength and function improve as
well as range of motion.

I personally use cervical traction on a regular basis to help loosen tight upper cervical ligaments in the neck and the back of the
head and to stimulate the sensory nerves, this in turn suppresses the impulse to chew.
There are several cervical traction products on the market. All of these work a little differently but will have about the same benefit as
far as tongue chewing is concerned.  

I have used and recommend the following units in order starting with the best.
Posture Pump
Pronex Cervical Traction
NeckSoft Pro 5
Do not use the Over-Door Type!

Cervical traction is not recommended for individuals with TMJ because the forces applied to the jaw and temporal muscles can
aggravate the joint. Any traction involving force on the neck or jaw should be built up over time and carried out with caution.  Always
follow the manufacture instructions with any traction device