Habit Reversal Therapy

Habit Reversal Therapy / Behavior Modification / Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and (EFT) Emotional
Freedom Technique

Habit reversal therapy and behavior modification training involve techniques that have been used as a method
for people to deal with habits. These methods have been used very successfully with hair pulling, nail biting,
thumb sucking, chronic motor tics.

Habit reversal takes time, money, patience, expertise, determination and cooperation. It is most commonly
used and successful in children.  Tongue chewing as an oral habit, will most likely not be identified until the
patient him/herself is aware of the habit.  Children are not likely to be cognitive that tongue chewing is a
problem. Parents do not recognize the early signs associated with this condition that may come on gradually.  
By the time tongue chewing becomes an issue it is a deeply
imprinted behavioral pattern with structure counterparts as well as a physical dependency.

Unless a multidisciplinary approach is taken, I do not believe habit reversal training will have long term success
in adults but these techniques are essential in children.

Also See: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

If you are considering habit reversal therapy, behavior modification training I highly recommend hypnosis as
part of the therapy.