Still Point Technique

Still Point Inducer (Tandem Tennis Balls)

The Still-Point Inducer designed to simulate one of the fundamental techniques of Craniosacral Therapy.  This self-help technique
can totally alleviate the chewing response for hours or even days.
The craniosacral system, the area in which your brain and spinal cord function is the very core of the central nervous system,
restrictions in it could cause sensory, motor or neurological problems.  I believe there are three fundamental ways the still point
technique work in relationship to tongue chewing.  

First, it applies a constant bilateral pressure to the occiput or back of the head.  According to the principals of CranioSacral Therapy,
the still point is a quiet pause in the rhythm of the craniosacral motion. When the rhythm stops, the body begins to correct itself
resulting in benefits that effect the neuromuscular system.

The second way is also based on the craniosacral theory. There is a manipulative technique called CV4 or Compression of the 4th
Ventricle. CV4 is a very powerful treatment modality where a steady manual compression is maintained as the patient holds their
breath in prolonged exhalation, three or four times. The technique is believed to restore fluid balance and balance the
sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.

The third  way that I believe that the still point technique works is by the pressure or control gate theory similar to acupressure.  
According to the theory, the sustained stimulation of the large nerve fibers that attach to the back of the head would activate the
inhibitory interneuron response thus blocking the chewing impulse as well as pain in some cases.

How to make your own still point inducer - Two tennis balls are tethered in the toe of a sock which is then knotted tightly so that
they are touching one another.  The Still Point Inducer is extremely easy to use. Just choose a comfortable surface, I recommend
the floor, and lie on your back. Set a timer so that you don’t fall asleep. The balls are positioned
at a level one-inch to one and one half inches above the junction between the top of the neck and the head. Depending on what
feels best to you, the Still Point Inducer can be used for approximately 15 minutes any time, I recommend first thing in the morning
then later in the afternoon, up to four times a day.
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People with any serious condition in which fluid pressure changes in the skull could be detrimental, such as acute stroke,
cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral aneurysm, should not use the Still Point Inducer.