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I'm a 46 y/o female and just happened upon this website. My tongue chewing is
getting worse the older I get. I sucked my thumb until I was 11 and finally was
able to stop by wearing socks over my hands at night, since I could control it
during the day but would wake up with my thumb in my mouth! After that, for
many years, I bit the inside of my mouth until it would bleed. I would have to
make an extreme effort to stop for a week or so before a dentist appointment
b/c I was so embarrassed. In the last few years, and for no apparent reason, I
stopped biting the inside of my mouth and switched to the back of my tongue,
both sides. I catch myself doing it all the time. At certain times, the feeling of
wanting to do it is almost overwhelming. The feeling I get from it, if I remember
correctly, is almost exactIy the same as the soothing feeling I used to get from
sucking my thumb. I can consciously control it, but when I 'zone out" again, it
usually starts right up again. It actually doesn't bother me that much. I also
suffer from major depression (treated). I think it is just a self-soothing behavior
that my goofy brain came up with

Hi there, I've been chewing my tongue as long as I can remember. My Dad &
Mum does it & one of my sisters daughters does.
My son Tyler started to chew his tongue at the age of 6 months & still chews it
now, & he is 2 years of age now.
It looks strange when we both sat on the sofa watching the telly & we both
chewing our tongues.
I think it must be hereditary, because it seemed to be handed down in my family.
Couldn't believe it when my son started it. I really thought that it was only a
handful of people did it, as I don't know anyone apart from my family members
to do it.
I've done it for so long now it doesn't seem to worry me. We call it the family
trait. I would like my son to stop doing it but if he's like me then its going to be a
life time habit.
Thanks for putting the web site together.
Thanks D T Rawlings.

"I don’t remember when I started chewing my tongue.  I do know that it is
exacerbated by certain smells, ie: elevator, certain office smells, etc.  I am
chewing my tongue as I am typing this email.  It is sometimes comforting, but I
prefer not to stop because I have no qualms about doing it in front of people.  I
have been often asked if I have anymore chewing gum."

"I have chewed on the sides of my tongue for as long as I can remember. I
usually don't even realize it until someone says something! It seems that I tend
to do it when I'm bored or deep in thought. I had never heard of anyone else
doing this before. It seems a lot like a cow chewing the cud."

"I chew my tongue thus it is always sore. My mouth gets very dry and sore
when I sleep. I get up several times during the night to gargle and drink some
water. How can I break this irritating habit?"

“I bite my tongue till I have no taste buds on about half of my tongue.
I also take huge chunks out usually at night. It hurts but, I get
satisfaction of the pain & seeing the blood. You may think I'm
crazy.  I'm a stable model & actress. I tell you this so you don't think
that I'm crazy. Go to my website to even show you that I look sane.

"I’m tired of biting my tongue,
I’ve had this problem since I was a kid, I bite my tongue as a mean of stress
I keep on biting till I my tongue starts bleeding and sore, the next day when my
tongue heals, I start again, I hate it, I know I look like a retard when I’m doing it
and tears out of the pain come to my eyes,
I hope I can find a way to stop it,  please help me!!!!
I’m really concerned about the consequences; I guess it may lead to some kind
of a cancer.
Please help me if you van, Thanks."

"I chew my tongue almost constantly. I get various sensations from my
tongue... Sometimes it seems like I have something hung between my teeth,
sometimes I feel like I have a mouth full of 'crunchies'. This incessant chewing
is driving me nuts.
My docs say I'm just going to have to put up with this... God I hope not....
Anyone have any ideas to help me?"

"I've always chewed on my tongue. I am now 38 years and it is beginning to
annoy me. I thought it was simply a habit but now I see my 3 year old son doing
the same thing and I have been told that my Grandmother also used to do it."

"I too chew my tongue. So much so that it hurts sometimes! My boyfriend
things I look docile when I do it, and he's always telling me to stop chewing!
Sometimes I get a fat tongue from it too!"

"I chew my tongue. I've been doing it for as long as I remember. Usually when
I'm in deep thought or stressed about something and I usually don't notice at
first that I'm doing it. Is it a cronic condition or something?"

"I do the same thing. Started to wounder if something was wrong with me. Been
doing it for as long as i can remember. I am now 33. Was looking for some
answers on the net."

"I also chew on my tongue, especially when anxious, I think. Or hungry. I've
done it my whole life and usually am not aware of it either. I think my mother
has done it to"

"I, too, have been noticing the urge to chew on my tongue. I quit smoking 5
years ago and had that urge then, but now it's back with a vengeance. I'm 8
months pregnant and wondering if there's some sort of vitamin deficiency
causing this."

"I used to make fun of my brothers habit (it was such a weird habit.), which
included chewing his tongue. After a little bit, I found myself chewing madly on
my tongue whenever I was doing anything that required concentration. My
sister used to slap the daylights outta me whenever she caught me gnawing
and I would get so mad, but she did it cos she loved me and she knew how
crazy I looked gnawing on my dang tongue! It helped a bit but I still, to this day,
catch myself chewing when I’m seriously concentrating on something."

"Tongue chewing doesn’t hurt. It’s very 'unladylike' though according to my
sister. She made me look in the mirror once while I was chewing...and she was
right. I definitely had a serious oral fixation when I was growing up. I used to
chew everything - pens, pencils sometimes till the wood broke off in my mouth.

"Bob,  Friends and relatives all tell me I have chewed my tongue for as long as
they can remember. I was surprised because it is only recently that anyone has
mentioned it.Have they all been too polite?  Now when I ask they will answer
yes.  Can I stop, you ask. Yes, as long as I think about not chewing.  When I start
thinking of other things I will start. I think chewing gum helps.  I am 77 years old,
very active and like to travel."

"I was searching thought the internet looking for information about tongue
chewing and I came across a post that you made to a forum.
I have been chewing my tongue for as long as i can remember and it is one hell
of an annoying habit. I never really know that i am doing it until my wife points it
out to me."

"I chew my tongue, I have never bought the matter up with the doctor as I am
sure that the cause is psychological rather than physical and as such is a
matter of mind control. I have considered hypnotherapy. To be honest I am not
sure when or why i do it myself!"

"My dad chews his tongue and some of my kids do.  I do but I don't think in front
of anyone.  My 5 and 8 year old chew it when they get together with family and
play a game for example.  It is fairly well controlled.  
I didn't know if it was learned behavior. "

"OK, this is kind of embarrassing, but I've been doing it since I was a kid. Every
night right when I fall asleep, I start chewing on the sides of my tongue, like it's
bubble gum or something. Not hard enough to puncture, just so I scrape the
sides of it. My friends always let me know in the morning what a pain I am to
have a sleep over with. I really need help with this problem, and I've never
heard of it being something a lot of people do, and I'm the only person I know
that does it. HELP!"

"I'm 41 yrs. old & my father is 80. He has a disgusting, painful, horrific, problem
with chewing on his tongue.
It's such a rare, strange, embarrassing thing that I don’t know where to turn. I
sometimes feel like my clocked was cleaned Psycologically by looking at him
doing this, it takes me hours to " snap out of it & I have to hold my mouth when
near him ".
"He did this since I was a boy but it was just a little when he concentrated, &
sometimes drove. But now it's a HORRIFIC condition, I can’t even look or think
about him. I feel the pain his mouth is in, he inflicts this pain on himself & I sense
"I've complained, to my Mother & recently confronted him & he said " Oh that,
thats nothing .". I also heard him say to Mom when she complained about it "
It's my tongue & I'll chew it if I want to "

"I am the wife, mother and daughter-in-law of tongue-chewers. Yes, my father-
in-law, my husband, and my toddler son are all tongue-chewers. I noticed my
husband did it when stressed, bored or focused, but I never mentioned it until
our son started doing it. They both seem to turn their tongue to it's side and
gently chew. My husband is a quiet chewer, but our son often makes a self-
soothing humming noise. I asked my husband if he knew he did it, and he said
yes, but he doesn't usually know he's doing it. I seemed to have remembered
my father-in-law doing it, and when I asked him, he said no. Later, we all saw
him tongue chewing that same exact same way! How can these 3 generations
have this exact habit? My husband sucked his thumb for a long time. His
parents could not get him to stop until he realized that other kids didn't do it at
school. He then sucked his thumb at bedtime until he was 12. He also bites his
fingernails, but only when they get long enough. I almost never see it, but his
nails are perfect, not too short, without ever needing a cut. Otherwise, he is
completely normal. Our son is on the autistic spectrum and struggles to speak.
I would really like to know if there is a heredity link or if this might be learned.
Our son started doing it at age 2. He had a pacifier until 19 months old and did
not suck his thumb. We took the pacifier away because he was chewing it. He
does put his fingers in his mouth for comfort now too but doesn't exactly suck
them. I have a habit of clenching my teeth together which I have always thought
stemmed from my bite being off. So I know how hard it is to stop such habits." A

"I think I started this habit to counter the pain of my bite plate and braces in the
1980’s, it also took the place of me sucking my thumb. I absolutely hated the
pain and wearing my plates at night while trying to sleep or at school during the
day where I know I countered the plate in my mouth by chewing my tongue.
Drinking coke leaves a real sour taste on my tongue and then I chew. If I am
thirsty, I chew my tongue because I can create a liquid/saliva which is like
water in my mouth .
I had my wisdom teeth pulled out. Sometimes it feels like they are still there,
pushing my teeth (upper jaw) (not the teeth but the roots of the teeth) …. so I
chew to counter the ‘ache’
I try and see my chiropractor regularly, a point I can always guarantee to be out
of alignment is my neck area. I can often ‘crack’ my neck and it relieves pain,
but I don’t think it is good for me to do”

Dear Bob,  Thank you for your website! I am a 42 year old mother
of two and as you already know, I am a Tongue Chewer. When you
emailed me and offered to help I thought this guy is really out
there…(edited)…..I chew my tongue just tell me how to stop! I told
my dentist and he wanted to put me in some kind of mouth guard
thing but said it wouldn’t stop the chewing and I would have to
were it 12 hrs a day.  He said I should try stress relief, but I’m really
not a very stressed person I told him. Bob I’ve been chewing my
tongue Nonstop! for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I feel
like my tongue is just a big wad of gum and I want to spit it out. A
few weeks ago decided to try the few things that you told me, I
thought, what a waste of time, but I had to give it a try. I was
making dinner for the family like I do every day that’s when I really
chew a lot, it hit me, and I wasn't chewing. I didn't even realize it
until just then. I went back to my computer and tried the other
things you told me.......(edited)...... Bob, it’s a miracle. I hardly chew
at all any more. I am a believer and will try to find the therapists
that you recommended. I hope this habit never comes back.
Linda A.

I have been wondering if what I was doing by chewing my tounge
was what other people were doing? I have been chewing on my
tounge for about twelve years, I am 46 and male. It started I know
as a nervous manorisam from being tweaked( meth) my ex use to
tell me I would wagg my tounge back and fourth when we were
wired. But we quit the drugs an I would continue the tounge
wagging that turned into chewing. She use to ask me " what flavor
is it today" but recently over the last few years it's worse I don't
make my tounge bleed but there are times when rolling my tounge
between my clenched molars and biting down that it would feel
kind good. I would bite down on the tip the sides and my new
girlfriend I have been living with gets annoyed cause the sound
biggs her when we watch TV. I drive truck and I spend hours and
hours driving and chewing forcing my tounge in and out between
tightly clenched jaws. I do it with my mouth ajar and noticed at
times I gleek while iam twisting my tounge between my molars. It
never has a flavor just was a saying my ex always used.
Anyways there is more I could say about my chewing but let me
leave it at this ok. Steve