Tens -  Microcurrent Stimulation - Galvanic Stimulation

Each of these devices operate on slightly different principals but they are all stimulator type
products.  They are generally prescribed by chiropractors and Physical Therapists. Stimulators
consist of an electrical pulse generator connected by wires to two electrodes that apply
electrical stimulation to the surface of the skin at the site of pain. Electrical stimulators can help
to reduce pain and control tongue chewing but will have varying benefits on depending on the
individual. When using these devices placement is the key.  If your doctor or therapist
prescribes the use of one of these units follow his or her instructions. I recommend trying
points in the back of the neck and the areas behind the ears. They can be used at low current
for extended periods of time or at higher
currents for 15 or 20 minutes.  You may find it interesting that while applying stimulation
directly to the jaw may help in temporary reducing tension in the joint applying stimulation to
the neck will help to control tongue chewing. This is likely due to the control gate
theory inhibitory response.